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"Video Games are bad for you? That's what they said about Rock n' Roll."
- Shigeru Miyamoto


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The invention of the ship was the invention of the shipwreck,
I tried to find out who I was by jumping off the deck.

Anonymous asked
If (when) I'm in the area and would like to make you ridiculous amounts of cakes and pie, any favorites?

I am the least picky when it comes to food and really like to try new/weird things, so follow your delicious heart. Also, plz come to my area because now I have my dessert hopes up, haha. <3

Anonymous asked
Is time a flat circle? Are we fated to relive the same days, tell the same lies, celebrate the same small victories, and suffer the same defeats over and over again? Are we just sentient meat floating aimlessly in a supermassive quantum computer? Are you or I or he or she what we claim to be; or, farther still, are we what we are or is what we are some cellular-level imagination of the qualities innately viewed as progress? Questions, man. Cheer up, sad sack. Represent the Wu in all things.

Hahaha, I honestly feel as far as humanity goes, we are just bacteria in the universe. What we do with the however many years we get is up to us to figure out and make the best up. Thanks for an awesome ask though, made me laugh.

cinnamonbareilles asked
I'm crying because of what you said about knowing yourself. that hit so close to my heart it's ridiculous. I haven't actually felt emotions for a while. Feels nice. Thank you for that, sincerely.

I am glad I could say anything to strike you - if you ever want to chat or vent always feel free to send me an ask. :)