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"Video Games are bad for you? That's what they said about Rock n' Roll."
- Shigeru Miyamoto


Anonymous asked
How does one disappear completely? Is it a dissolution of bonds at a molecular level or merely an illusion; a refraction of photons and optical tricks? Is everything just an illusion? Dissolution versus disillusion. Mano a mano. Hand versus hand. Man versus man. Man versus woman. Wo-man. Whoa, man. I am the Walrus, Dr. Sax. Fuck you, poetry. Nailed that shit. Represent the Wu.

1. im real into all of this 2. sounds like you want to have coffee with me. And Sagan. Or Kaku.



Odin’s poor hatchday cake had no idea what it had coming. Odin destroyed his cake and enjoyed every bite of it!

>hatch day

fucking sweet

Anonymous asked
My bad. I miss you, too. You're a magical snowflake butterfly w/ hair as totes ersatz black as the infinite stretches of oblivion. Let's be besties. For we are as children alone in a world of antiquity. Asunder and afloat on stray branches of kindness and the glimmer of familiarity. For realsies. Nay, dub dub realsies, Mr. White, yo.

Hahahaha god damn it. I have so many words for you. Get [back] in my life.