intergalactic nerd adventurer.

"Video Games are bad for you? That's what they said about Rock n' Roll."
- Shigeru Miyamoto




Odin’s poor hatchday cake had no idea what it had coming. Odin destroyed his cake and enjoyed every bite of it!

>hatch day

fucking sweet

Anonymous asked
My bad. I miss you, too. You're a magical snowflake butterfly w/ hair as totes ersatz black as the infinite stretches of oblivion. Let's be besties. For we are as children alone in a world of antiquity. Asunder and afloat on stray branches of kindness and the glimmer of familiarity. For realsies. Nay, dub dub realsies, Mr. White, yo.

Hahahaha god damn it. I have so many words for you. Get [back] in my life.

Anonymous asked
Would you ever consider being friends with a nerd who thinks you're super cool? 😅

I consider all nerds friends <3